The power of Data in Sketch 52

The use of Data in Sketch 52

Sketch 52 came last week and brought with itself a lot of new things we can be excited about. We saw a complete redesign of the tool, dark mode, new data feature, and many more improvements. We are going to introduce you to the power of using Data in Sketch 52.

It comes with the ability to populate one or more shapes with images or text. The images that Sketch has preloaded are of avatars and abstract patterns, and for text, Sketch comes with peoples names and cities across the globe.

Working with text layers

Working with custom data

We like this new upgrade but having random peoples images in our mockups isn’t always very useful. The new feature allows you to import your own content, you can provide data that you can reuse across artboards. For example, if you are designing a particular type of website or product and it has a similar copy or imagery, this feature will be a huge time-saver.

In order to be able to upload custom images, you need to create a folder with the image you want to use. For text, create a plain file with a .txt extension, you can use anything from a single word to full paragraphs, but it’s important that each entry is in a new line.

In order to use it you need to go to Preferences > Data > Add Data

Importing custom data

Data and symbols

The new feature works perfectly with symbols as well. All you need to do is right-click on the symbol and hit Refresh Data from Master. You can reuse this command as much as you want if you don’t like the end results.

How to work with data and symbols in Sketch


Unsplash and Sketch 52

Sketch 52 makes it easy to search through and add images from Unsplash into your design.

Unsplash native integration into Sketch