How To Work With Fills And Borders

Border and Fills Cover

Sketch is a powerful tool, but sometimes features that were made to save us time aren’t as prominent as we’d like. There are gems hidden all over Sketch’s interface. Today, I’d like to share a few tips on how to work with Fills and Borders.

Pressing F on your keyboard while having at least one layer selected will toggle Fill’s visibility. Similarly, pressing B on your keyboard will toggle Border’s visibility of your selected layer. Please note that if you have multiple fills or borders, this will hide/show all of them.

Fills & Borders Toggle

Adding multiple Fills and Borders is a great feature, but it can quickly become messy. I remember how frustrated I was when I applied multiple fills in the wrong order and then tried to re-arrange it. I thought if I grab a color and dragging it up and down that would re-arrange the Fill, but that wasn’t the case. Instead, that just selected Fill’s color.

It took me months before I discovered the proper way to do it. You have to grab it in between the empty space. This technique works for both Borders and Shadows as well.

Rearranging Fills

There are three ways to remove a Fill color in Sketch

One way is to grab and move Fill out of Inspector’s panel which will remove the fill instantly. This is a lot faster way than right-clicking on a fill and removing it there. Another way to do it is to deselect a Fill color and click on the trash icon. By doing that, Sketch will remove any unselected fills.

To quickly remove all the fills from a particular shape press F key to deselect all Fills and then click on the Trash icon to remove them.

Removing Fills

If you work with Fills and Borders a lot, you might find this plugin useful. You’ll be able to swap Fill and Border colors with one keystroke (Shift + Command + X).

Swap Fill and Border