Speed up your workflow with Sketch Runner

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What is Sketch Runner?

Runner helps you to get around Sketch quicker by giving you an intuitive interface to supercharge your daily workflow. Stop searching through your menu & start running commands directly from your keyboard.

You can refer to Runner as your compelling spotlight search for your Sketch. Whether you’re building a design system, cleaning up a messy sketch file or merely looking for ways how to speed up your workflow – this plugin might be a perfect fit

When and why should you use Sketch Runner?

If you’re working with a prominent symbol library

Working with an extensive symbol library could be tedious at times. Luckily for you, Runner gives you the ability to preview the symbols you’re looking for. Take this example – you’re working with the Material Design base kit, and you’re looking for a specific one line row – how convenient would it be if you could just write down “one line row” and get all the one line components you currently have as symbols. Well, you can:

If you’re a keyboard ninja

If you’re like me and you mainly work with your keyboard, then this is the plugin for you. Probably half of my workflow goes through Runner, from going to or importing symbols to creating and applying styles around design files, with a bit of practice Runner can take you to new heights regarding work speed.

How do you use Sketch Runner

Sketch Runner is a pretty straight forward plugin, even though it’s the plugin of all plugins. Here we’ll go through its essential functions.

– run – Run allows you to run a menu item or a plugin. In this menu is where you can excel as a user, especially if you use a lot of plugins more on this topic in the section below.
Run Sketch Runner

– goto – Go to is pretty self-explanatory, yet extremely useful, especially if working in a big design file.
Go To Sketch Runner

– Insert – Your bread and butter if you’re working with a design system. Insert allows you to interact with your symbol library allowing you to preview the symbol before you import it – just like the Spotlight search on MacOS
Insert Sketch Runner

– create – A quick way to build both symbols and styles.

Creating & interacting with created symbols

– Apply – Great way to apply the styles you’ve previously created. The positive thing is that they’re already saved, so you’re just a key away from applying them
Create and Apply

– Install – Why bother going outside of Sketch to go to Github when you have almost every Sketch plugin one click away from being installed? In the example
Install Plugin

Awesome plugin combinations with Sketch Runner

Sketch Runner + Stark

There is no better plugin for contrast accessibility testing than Stark. This plugin’s main idea is to check two colors against WCAG 2.0 standards, to make sure that your designs are accessible and easy to view all users. On top of that Stark could simulate Colorblindness. Through Runner, you could just “run” the Stark’s “Protanopia” command, and you’ll get a generated preview of how your artboard looks to people with such vision deficiency.

Stark and Sketch Runner

Sketch Runner + Automate

Automate is one of the most potent Sketch plugins. It gives you control over almost every imaginable aspect of Sketch – from the arrangement to layer, symbol, library, artboard, text, style options and more; you can do almost everything. In the current example, you’re able to see one of the standard patterns that prove just how powerful Automate & Runner are together.

Automate Text Field

Some honorable mentions

Sketch Runner combines well with these plugins:

– Find and replace
– Symbol organizer
– Artboard Titles