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Sketch Measure Master: A thorough walkthrough

You should make this plugin as a part of your workflow, if you still haven’t this is the guide for you. There are bunch of plugins coming up all the time for Sketch. You can check this list out to see whichever suits you the best...

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Tutorial: Designing Google Docs Icon

Replicating a design is not hard. But creating an original design, translating it from an ideas in your head, to pixels on the screen can be quite a challenge. Today, we’ll be recreating the Google Docs’ icon from scratch, using Sketch...

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Tutorial: Designing Google Sheets Icon

We are often overly impressed by the final design of an app or icon and that’s the exact response the designers are looking for. While that can work for consumers, it can make approaching design as a creator a fairly intimidating task...

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The right way to get that nice iOS blur using Sketch

Ok I have seen rookie mistakes and designers just using Gaussian Blur with a mask to make a button overlaid have blurred BG finish, this can be done so easily but how do you know if you don’t know? Here let me help real quick, it will save you time...

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Exporting for iOS in Sketch explained

Recently I found out that few of the new Sketch users and designers who are new to iOS struggle with exporting the assets. People (including myself initially) face with questions like ‘What should be the size of the art-board?’...

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How the mockup drives design, not dictate it.

During my time as a Ui designer/developer intern at LemonStand, I was challenged to sketch, design, mockup, and develop a set of 4 themes for eCommerce stores. LemonStand is a cloud based eCommerce platform for online retailers...

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Sketch for Print Design!

Sketch was made for screen-based design. Websites, app interfaces, icons… these objects of design exist within a world of pixel measurements, RGB colors, and presentation on digital screens. Unlike many of the Adobe creative tools which include...

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How to create a flat styled icon in Sketch 3

Sketch 3 is getting very popular. More popular than you’d really imagine. You can check out some articles like this and this which talks about the new features it has just released. So lets start. This is the final product we’d like to achieve...

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