App Store Screenshots (includes design download)

You’ve just finished designing an iPhone app, and now you’re ready to submit to the app store! It’s time to design those all important App Store screenshots.

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Due to the complexity of mockups, resizing them proportionally can be complicated, but as always Sketch makes it easy :)

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Font Rendering

In the above example, sub-pixel antialiasing has been applied to the top text only.

Sub-pixel antialiasing increases the horizontal resolution of text to improve legibility. High pixel density displays negate the need for sub-pixel antialiasing. As an example, Macs support sub-pixel antialiasing whereas iOS devices don’t.

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Share via CloudApp

This tutorial requires you to have the following:

  1. The Sketch Upload plugin installed
  2. A CloudApp account

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Exporting in Sketch is simple. You can export entire artboards or selected layers by adding slices.

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Artboards and Pages

Sketch has an infinite canvas, but artboards allow us to create a series of fixed frames within the infinite canvas.

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Basic Interface

Sketch’s interface is split into four sections:

1. Canvas – the canvas is infinite, but artboards can be used to create a series of fixed frames within the infinite canvas
2. Toolbar – all the tools you need to craft a beautiful user interface (customisable)
3. Layer list – shows all the artboards and layers for the current page
4. Inspector – change the settings for the selected layer